The Best Treks of Western Ghats

The best treks of western ghats

The pursuit of trekking is always part of the fun and enjoyment of our lives because we learn more about the various places and spots, discover the most exciting caves, cliffs and waterfalls as well as evergreen grasslands and more. This is where you can experience the natural landscapes. In the same way, Trek’s areas on the western ghats range are intriguing and challenging for us.

Let’s find out more about the trekking destinations in the Western Ghats.

Below are the top five locations to trek in the western ghat range:

1)Kodachadri trek

2)Kalsubai trek

3)Mullayanagiri trek

4)Anamudi trek

5)Chembra trek

Kodachadri trek

Kodachadri Trek is among the more adventurous treks that are famous not only in Karnataka but all over India too. Kodachadri trek is said to be stunning due to the fact that it is surrounded by a dense forest, wide as well as lush grasslands and high cliffs. In addition, the Kodachadri trek can provide you with an unforgettable experience when you trek.


– Location: present in kollur/kundapur in Karnataka.

The distance of the trek is 12kms in one direction.

– Altitude: 1343m above. From sea level.

– Trek Type: it’s an easy trek that does not require a guide with experience to trek.

The most ideal time to visit is – The best time to go to the Kodachadri trek is from September to January. Kodachadri trek is between September and January.

Kalsubai trek

Kalsubai Trek is also regarded as the most beautiful hike in the Sahyadri region. It’s one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit since it is awash with stunning waterfalls, thick forest caves, forts, caves historical monuments, as well as its history. These are some of the most important aspects that make it a good choice to hold the top place in Maharashtra.


Location: Mumbai/Nashik within Maharashtra state.

– Distance for the trek: the trek distance is approximately 6.6kms.

Altitude: The altitude is 1646m.

– Trek Type: it’s an easy trek that can be easily climbed.

The best time to visit is when You can go on the Kalsubai trek from June until November. During this time, you can go on a trek for the most memorable experience.

Mullayanagiri trek

Mullayanagiri hike is thought of as the longest hike that is found in Karnataka and is famous for its stunning views of south India. The Mullayanagiri trek requires you to traverse the path of the baba budangiri hills, which can be a bit challenging since it’s over 10kms away from the mullayanagiri trekking spot. The trail also has beautiful caves that can be explored.


Location: Chikmagalur/Kadur, Karnataka.

The distance of the hike is 10kms starting from the beginning.

Altitude: the elevation of all the Mullayanagiri trek is 1950m.

Type of Trek: The types of treks range from moderate to easy.

The ideal time to visit: The best time to trek this trek Mullayanagiri trek is from September through August.

Anamudi trek

It is said that the Anamudi trek is a great trekking option since it is brimming with stunning views of tall teak trees, bamboo and black wood, which is set in the midst of Anamudi. Anamudi trek is also famous for its Neela kuringi flower. Anamudi Trek is popular for its Neela Kuringi flower. The most appealing aspect of the blossom is the fact that it flowers once every 12 years.

Additionally, the trek comprises a variety of valleys, hills, and rivers as well as the cultivation of spices tea, and more. Anamudi trek is a must for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of India. Anamudi trekking is the best place to take in the stunning landscapes that are in the area.


It is situated in Munnar the state of Kerala.

Distance to the trek: The trek is located 17kms away.

Altitude: The total altitude is 2956m.

— Trek Type: The category of the trek is easy to moderate.

The ideal time to visit: The most ideal time to visit is between November through February.

Chembra trek

Chembra trek is believed to be the crown jewel of Wayanad and is believed to be among the highest peaks of South India. The Chembra trek is renowned due to its lush greenery, grassland and the plants that contain tea and coffee farms. The medicinal herbs are in order to make the area more authentic. The distinctive thing about the Chembra Trek is that it’s located in the shape of a heart which makes it stand out from other trekking destinations.


Place: Chembra is situated in Kozhikode (Kerala).

Distance of the trek: the distance of the trek is about 10kms.

The total altitude of the trek is 2100m.

The Trek type is a moderate form.

The ideal time to visit: The most ideal time to go is October through February.


Enjoy your weekend more exciting and enjoyable by visiting these amazing locations. I hope this article has can help you understand more about the most popular places to trek in the Western Ghat range.

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