gadgets for minimalist travelers

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Be it Europe backpacking, Your travel experience depends on how well you pack, whether you’re on a safari or a road trip. Before the fun begins, packing travel luggage can be stressful. That’s harder for inexperienced travellers. Online, you can find travel-friendly gadgets to pack.

Universal Adaptor

Our lives depend on power, therefore faulty plugs or current issues can drive us crazy. Before, travellers carried a variety of adapters. Now, a universal adaptor can help. Universal adapters accommodate 3-pin, 2-pin, and USB connectors. They give 10-130W of direct current electricity to suit global requirements.


A portable charger makes travel more comfortable by keeping phones charged. Before buying a portable charger, check its current, size, and weight. 2000mAh-20,000mAh power banks are offered. 20,000mAh can roughly charge an iPhone7 six times. Choose one that fits your gadgets and journey time.

Travel Iron

A mini-iron is a must-have for a Tanzania Safari. Safari vacations let you camp in the bush and enjoy animals. But you lose hotel facilities. A travel-size iron is tiny, lightweight, portable, and has more power. Steam ironing, auto-power down, and non-sticky surfaces enhance user experience.


Buying a tripod for a trip is never a waste. It allows wider-angle photography. Save the essence of every moment in high-quality photos with infinite clicks. A tripod makes photography interesting, professional, and adventurous with lengthy shutter speed, night images, widescreen landscape, and stable camera angle.

Backpack with Multiple Pockets

Backpacks are useful when changing trains. Multiple pockets allow for compact storage of documents and electronics. If you’re travelling through Italy by subway and train, it’s a must-have gadget.

Digital suitcase scale

Airline luggage weight limits are stringent. By packing a digital luggage scale, you can prevent hassle and embarrassment at the airport. Digital scales are tiny, lightweight, and easy on baggage. 40-50 kg weight capacity.


e-SIM cards offer hassle-free, limitless data bundles. e-SIM is the handiest travel gadget because it offers global coverage, even in Thailand. e-SIMs are software-based and connect to a local service provider. You can buy a SIM and internet plan using an app and a QR code.

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