Gokarna Beach Trek – An Awesome Experience

Gokarna Beach Trek - An Awesome Experience

Gokarna beach trek Gokarna Beach Trek is a hike across the west coast, covering five beaches. The total distance for the trek is about 8.5 km and will last between 4 and five hours at a regular pace. It can be hiked from south to north or in reverse, I would suggest beginning from north to south.



If you’re looking to watch the spectacular sunset, then it is essential to visit the Kudle/Gokarna beaches Because the only beaches in these areas face west, while others face to the south.

The entire hike is a one-day trek and it isn’t recommended to explore the remote beaches after sunset. sets. Follow this route so that you can visit the most distant beaches first before relaxing at popular beaches to watch the sunset


Gokarna is approximately 500 km away from Bangalore. There are sleeper buses that go directly run to go from Bangalore to Gokarna for the sum of Rs. 700 for a single. I would recommend taking an overnight bus trip to Gokarna for a taxi ride. On the evening of Friday, I took the bus to Gokarna since the journey was long. I arrived at Gokarna at about 10 am. The weather was nice but somewhat damp. Quickly took an auto to Gokarna and checked in at the Gokarna Sahasa Stay,2.5 kilometres from the bus stop. The hut overlooks the Gokarna beach and has basic facilities.

I decided to do it solely to live in a tent by the shore. With the sun shining, I was quickly refreshed With an excellent breakfast, I was ready to hit the beaches. I left my luggage there and only took the necessities along with my packed lunch. If you’re looking for a non-tented holiday I suggest Zostel which is near Kudle beach as well as Gokarna beaches along with Kudle beach.


In addition to breaking the silence of the jungle, Paradise Beach is home to the most massive waves. Once you arrive at Paradise Beach. So you’ll see those with tents and those who are burning in the sun. You are also able to take a relaxation, but the hike has just begun. So you must continue on. You are able to capture amazing photos of the blue ocean and then continue toward the next shoreline.


The next stop following Paradise Beach is Half-Moon Beach. The crescent-shaped beach is covered in lush green vegetation which is spread across the beach. You can enjoy a variety of things here, like swimming, playing volleyball or just sitting back while watching the ocean dance. After you’ve had enough, get ready for the next stunning beach, which is located just a few feet away.


From Half Moon Beach, you need to climb up and over the huge rock to get to Om Beach. Once you get to Om Beach, you will be at the very top rock, take a look out at the ocean for a moment. If you’re lucky, you might spot dolphins jumping into and out of the ocean. This is Dolphin Point. After seeing dolphins, you can watch them slowly drop off the cliff. You are in Om beach. And If you own drones, then you can take in the view from the top of the beach and see the reason why it’s named Om Beach. Let’s continue to the most awe-inspiring of the beaches that are part of Gokarna Beach Trek.


When you trek through the forest from Om beach towards Kudle beach, you will need to traverse through a small wood that has a trail that includes stairs. Following this path eventually, you’ll arrive at Kudle Beach. This can be the largest beach in Gokarna. It can also be the spot that the majority of tourists from abroad visit. Once you arrive at Kudle beach, you will realize that you are sitting on top of the world and the water will continue to infinity.

Enjoy the stunning sunset on the beach and take stunning photos on the beach. You are able to play beach football or beach volleyball in this place. You will have seen a lot of individuals doing this. If you’re already exhausted take a break on the beach and take in the sunset. sunset. Once the sun is lower than the horizon, head towards the final beach of the whole trek.


There are tiny houses that are located along the walk between Kudle Beach to Gokarna Beach. After walking for a while, you arrive at Gokarna beach. The winds can be somewhat strong here, and you’ll be covered in bits of beach sand. Overall, you will have plenty of fun at the beach. You can relax with your buddies and create memories at Gokarna Beach. After leaving the beach, you will come across a variety of stores where you can enjoy delicious food and fill up your stomach with delicious meals to finish the Gokarna Beach trek and rest in your stay can visit.

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