Discovering the 5 Charming Islands Near London

5 Charming Islands Near London

The Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey … different areas to relocate to if you spruce up a flavour of island life, however, all quite far from London. Here, the islands can also be visited at leisure or during the weekend.

Mersea Island, Essex

One of our banking options in Essex, Mersea Island claims to be the easternmost inhabited island in the UK – but it is not overrun by Americans by any stretch of the imagination. Grab it in a proper mild, and you can also be in Cape Cod instead of Colchester. Significant areas of seven rectangular miles are uninhabited, but the materials that have some human lifestyle to them are lovely – think of delicate seafront huts, a small building, and quite a few cottages and pubs. Plan your entry carefully – set tide times as you ride as the road turns blocked or access for Brightlingsea bait.

Canvey Island, Essex

connected to the mainland by two anchorages, Canvey Island is a livelier addition to Mersea’s tranquil charm. There is more to see and do here, with various theme parks and cottages for weekend visits, an extra amusement esplanade, limited car opening hours, a miniature train and a pub from a teen novel. Find out more about Canvey Island.

Northey Island, Maldon, Essex The mouth of the Blackwater River on Northey Island.

In the same basin as Osea Island, Northey Island is just as deserted, but in a less unique, more natural way. Its measures range from eighty to the tidal area, and nationwide we believe it is still an asset attribute. The salt marshes and land plains are home to geese, peanuts, and golden and grey plovers, among others. It wasn’t so quiet after all – it was the website of the Battle of Maldon, which covered the area, the authoritative island of Northey, the oldest recorded battlefield in Britain.

Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire:

A bit further away, Hayling Island lies above ground near Portsmouth in Hampshire, just outside The Solent. Access to the island is via a very good, solid A-highway that does not bend to the vagaries of the tides – except that children would not want to swim on it during a furious sea storm.

At a kilometre long and as much as a kilometre wide, it is one of the most important larger islands on this checklist – similarly has its own railroad – and is, therefore, able to meet the demands of almost any time. Even harder, spend the weekend with a multitude of inns, holiday parks and cottages to choose from. The Sinah Warren Resort in the South of the island is the easiest way for adults to take a short break away from London.

A dike that connects Hayling Island to the area – if you’re towing young people, standard amusement parks and seaside attractions are available on the seafront. There are eateries, pubs and cafes scattered all over the island, and if all of this doesn’t bother you then remember this: DONKEYS.

Regional, the entire metropolis of Portsmouth and its surroundings is on Portsea Island, but that’s one more article for an extra day.

Are you trying to find further ideas for areas to discuss with nearby London? Take a look at our map of day trips from basic – it covers everything from bank tours to quaint museums.

Osea Island, Maldon, Essex Osea Island

connected to the area by a causeway at low tide – and relying on river cars to cross the Blackwater Estuary during an excessive tide – Osea Island is somewhat deserted from the mainland’s Essex region by the best enchanting way. The inn on Osea Island is rather upscale, with cottages, houses and mansions available for rent – or if you’re really decorated you can rent the entire island for your personal use.


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