9 Best Beaches in Chicago

9 Best Beaches in Chicago

Chicago’s beaches are not as popular as other beach resorts. Chicago’s beaches are colder than other beaches. These beaches are also renowned for their abundance of beach and water sports. Lake Michigan has formed a number of sandbars near Chicago. There are nine renowned beaches in Chicago that attract tourists and visitors. On these beaches, lifeguards are a must

These are some of the best beaches in Chicago:

North Avenue Beach on North Avenue

This is one of Chicago’s most intriguing beaches. This beach is famous during the summer. Numerous beach sports, such as volleyball, sandcastles, and swimming in the lake, are conveniently accessible. The population is frequently observed engaging in popular games and group activities to warm the atmosphere, which exudes a distinct California beach flavour. When the water temperature rises, guests can be seen entering the lake to swim or enjoy the beach lifestyle.

Additionally, the food truck is present in this beach area. Children may readily obtain ice cream, while adults can sip beers and cocktails on the beach. This beach also offers extreme sports including Jet Skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Additionally, one can rent bicycles and lounge chairs to relax and have fun.

57th Avenue Beach

The beaches along 57th Street are renowned for frequent family visits and picnics. This beach’s proximity to the science museum and industrial lines results in regular visits by families. This specific beach is never overcrowded. It is a popular site for surfers and wave enthusiasts. Restrooms and snack bars are also accessible for public use. Large, multicoloured kites are an additional fascinating sport to witness on this beach. This beach’s primary attraction is kitesurfers. Against the orange sky, large kites in flight provide a stunning spectacle.

Monterey Beach

Uptown has an excellent beach. The beach at Montrose is renowned for kayaking, paddle boarding, and Jet Skiing. It is the ideal location for surfers and kitesurfers to demonstrate their skills and train. People frequently visit this beach for its natural beauty and birds. On these beaches, birdwatchers and sailboats are frequently spotted. Sailboats can be observed clustered near the dock bars and grill shelters. In addition, Montrose is a pet-friendly beach that allows guests to stroll alongside the water with their furry companions. The pets enjoy the curved water break towards the beach’s northern end.

Columbus Street Beach

Ohio Street Beach is popular with people who wish to take a dip in the water. This beach is located close to the Navy Pier. People frequently visit this beach to engage in water sports. The water here is shallow and suitable for beginning swimmers and beachgoers. In addition to the shallow, quiet sea, this beach is frequented for its snack bars. In the food corners and cafés, sandwiches, drinks, and beverages are readily available.

The visitors are mostly drawn to the tranquil surroundings of a wonderful beach with palm trees, sand, and sunshine.

Oak Street Beach

People are frequently attracted to the beach to relax and enjoy their spare time. Oak Street Beach is the ideal location for relaxing and participating in sports. It is replete with lounge chairs and umbrellas for relaxation. In the midst of the city’s towering buildings, a beach lifestyle is easily accessible. The tall industrial structures function as sunlight-blocking drapes. This beach has numerous eateries and DJs performing music. It is the ideal spot for young people to socialise. This beach is always packed and congested. Even in the afternoon, this area is filled. Condominiums on Lake Shore Drive have no impact on beachgoers.

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